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Tempo Doeloe

Post: Bernie: March 28, 2011
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We left the Van Gogh Museum at closing time (they had to throw us out after 5 hours) and figured out the map and how to get to the restaurant that Joey found for tonight, Tempo Doeloe.

Amsterdam has a large Indonesian community seeing that it was once a Dutch colony. So, Indonesian cuisine is a very traditional Dutch food its own right as well.

We had a sampling that is called:

Rijsttafel Stimoelan
Small ricetable consisting of: (+ Hot and - Medium)
- Sawi Toemis
- Daging Semoor
- Gado Gado
- Gadon Dari Sapi
- Ora Arie
+ Oerapan
+ Sambel Goreng Boontjes
+ Sambel Goreng Oedang
+ Kelia Dari Sapi
+ Sateh Ajam
++ Petjel
- Emping
- Seroendeng
- Atjar Tjampoer
- Kroepoek white rice

It was all very tasty and delicious, but for me still very spicy. Even Joey's bottom lip became a little numb after the ++ dish of Petjel. The Gado Gado was our favorite but not the ++ version that was listed on the online menu. They must change them around a bit.

For dessert we has a very yummy and mouth cooling plate of Es Kelapa, which is coconut ice cream garnished with bits of young coconut and slices of other fruits, mellon, strawberry, and passionfruit which neither of us had tried before.

I had a regular coffee which I have found to be more like a variation of espresso than our type of coffee. It is really good!

We walked back Dam through Rembrantplein again and then to Nieuwmarkt.

"...The Nieuwmarkt is dominated by a building known as De Waag, originally a gate in the Medieval city walls but converted into a weighing house after the walls were demolished in the 17th century..."

Ok, I just had to go.

We walked back through the Red Light District again then into the Dam and on back to Hotel Nadia.

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