Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday with Vinny and Pablo

Post: Bernie: March 28, 2011
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Up and away.
Breakfast of Dutch Pancakes at Sara's Pancake House next to Hotel Nadia this morning. Over one hundred choices! More like crepes than pancakes though but very tasty and unique!

Crepes or pancakes? Either way delicious
On our way to the Van Gogh Museum via beautiful canals and the flower market...

The Flower Market.

The Van Gogh Museum is being there.
The Van Gogh Museum.
Right now (photo below) we are sitting in the cafe at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam after looking at his fabulous work. This is a wonderful museum that takes you through his life and time and the people, places, angels and demons of his life.

Postscript April 5, 2011: Reflecting on Vinny

Here in the cafe overlooking a huge park, we have settled in and are having some great almond apple pastry and a couple of Westmalle Tripel bier (9.5%) and a bowl of mixed nuts, just the right combination.

Now on to the Picasso in Paris exhibition that is going on here as well..

Joey and I outside reflected in the museum window.

Rush hour Amsterdam style!

Time for dinner.


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